Date now: 20/04/2019 Saturday

The First Producer of Artificial turf in Iran

Asia Chaman post sale services

 Equipping its post sale services unit with most sophisticated machinery, Asia Chaman offers its service provisions in a fully mechanized way. Through this kind of services, the surface of the turf is always standard, level and ready for players to play on.

    The skilled and technical team of Asia Chaman is there in any time to render its best and deserved services to the customers.

     The post sale services team of Asia Chaman consistently inspects the implemented projects by various tests to ensure the safety and good condition of the synthetic turfs.

    Mechanized and Modern Machinery

    By the use of up to date technology of Europe and taking advantage of fully mechanized installation and maintaining machinery (Germany SMG), Asia Chaman is one of the unique forerunners of installation and implementation of synthetic turf.

      Distribution and Leveling of Feelers

      In football standard systems that contain feeler (sand and granule), the structure and order of these materials is very important. In feeler containing systems of synthetic turf, the flexibility and softness of turf for absorption of strike depends on the rate of order and uniform distribution of feelers on all parts of the ground. SAND MATIC apparatus will make this process possible. By the use of this machinery accurate amount of sand and plastic granule per square meter of synthetic turf is applied, and via a brushing system of this apparatus, the pile of synthetic turf is properly conditioned.



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