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The First Producer of Artificial turf in Iran

facing and decorative turf

Types of turf for green environment and fašade workings

Role playing of industry--


Under the inspiration of nature, the ornamental synthetic turfs present a complete picture of natural lawn. Having the general capability of use in private and public green environments, the facing and decorative turf reminds the beholders vernal freshness during all seasons of the year.

The facing and decorative synthetic turf can be used as a complementation of natural green environments and it can also be used around the plants and trees in the parks; building facades; boulevards; playing parks and kindergartens;hotels;villas;restaurants;terraces;patios;passages;pull sides; working offices; exhibitions; etc.

Elimination and reduction of preparation costs, fertilizers, seeds and sowing of the land, irrigation and watering systems; lack of need for weeding and moving; lack of protecting and application of pesticides, trimming, and resowing are a few advantages of facing and decorative synthetic turf.

From an economic point of view, with 30% yearly protecting cost and 20% total cost,

The synthetic turf has financial preference and justification to natural lawn.

Moreover, the high resisting potential of synthetic turf against climatic factors and its resistance capability against ultra-violet radiations emitted from the sun for a long time(5 to 10 years) will cause the synthetic turf to keep its fresh green in winter and summer unaffected.

All synthetic turfs are washable and can be kept clean. and they are further free from the contaminations (dust, soil, slime, moss, etc)of the natural lawn.

A few examples of projects of synthetic turfs in green environments


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